Wedding Wednesdays: Joe+Kali

We made it through our very first wedding :) I am so happy to say that things went on (almost) without a hitch.  Is it considered a hitch if the guests aren't aware of it?!  
Joe + Kali were an adorable couple and they were so easy to work with. I can't forget to mention how calm the parents were, it amazed me! The photographer we worked side by side with is Melissa Vossler and she rocked! You should definitely check her out sometime because she is a sweetheart www.melissavossler.com
The ceremony was officiated by the groom's father and it couldn't have been more touching, funny or sincere.
 Our lifesaver for the wedding: Emergency bag!!! Not only was it extremely useful for us, but it was quite a hit :) Things to add to the bag.. bottle opener & straws.
 One wedding down and so many more to go.. This is proof we were still alive at the end of the night!
Happy Wedding Wednesday,
-Britt & Allie

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  1. Brittany and Allie....you both made it so easy for us parents to be calm!! Thank you again for allowing us to enjoy our children's wedding!! We love Rooted in Love Weddings!!

    Teresa (Mother of the Bride)