Philanthropy Fridays: 31 Bits

One of the companies that is near and dear to my heart is 31 Bits.  Many of you who are reading this probably know of it because I literally wear a piece of this jewelry daily.  I went to college with the 5 girls that started this company and my explanation of what they have created wouldn't do justice to their website. [www.31bits.com]  I encourage you to check them out, read their story, follow their blog and if you like them, buy some Bits! (I actually have a bunch with me now, so e-mail me if you want some).
Who ever could have thought jewelry made from 100% recycled paper would be so awesome? Here's to creative people, who care for others :)
 They just came out with a new line featuring Promise Tangeman (what a cool name right)? She is also an amazing blogger and designer!  This line stands for everything that the 31 Bits girls have created for the women they help. Watch & fall in love... The Haven Launch
Trying to find out a way to be philanthropic on your wedding day? Have your girl wears some bits, hand them out as thank you gifts to your party or don some bits yourself and steal the show even more with your incredible style!
Happy Friday as always,
And by the way.. It's my birthday today, who wants to buy me some bits? ;) The new Cuff bracelets are my fave!


Why Hire a Coordinator?

I came upon the thought of luxurious weddings, thanks to The Royal Wedding.  As I read through the 28 page program I thought to myself, who has the time to do this and why does it have to be so lengthy?! Obviously they have a wedding planner, and by no means was it a stretch to have in their budget, but whether it's Kate Middleton's wedding or any other bride, having someone to take on the work load can be an amazing choice.
When you think of a wedding planner, what are your first thoughts honestly?
A luxury item, I'm not made of money, Jennifer Lopez, an expense you can live without because you can try to be organized for once?!
Well ladies & men, although in the history books, a wedding coordinator was a job that only the prestigious used, now-a-days it's a necessity!  And no, I am not saying all of this because I am one, but it's something I truly believe.  If I didn't stand behind it, do you think I would be doing what I do now?  I used to be the Bride that thought my OCD and organizational skills could handle the details of my own wedding planning, but I had to face the fact, on the wake of my own wedding, that it wasn't the job for me, as a bride! 
Think about it this way, when you hire someone to do something that they do on a daily basis, many common mistakes are avoided! Not only that, but most of the time, the cost it is to hire a coordinator is money that will end up being saved through their contacts, negotiations and budget calculations that they assist with.  In addition, the many hours they spend working on the wedding alone, that you can now use to enjoy, should be worth it all together!
We, at Rooted in Love, have started this endeavor to help out any type of Bride with any type of budget so they can let their ideas come to life without the stress that it can so easily bring.  A coordinator takes on so much background work that can easily go unnoticed and we don't mind! We make a toast to the most important day of someone's life, that they don't worry about the small things, but they can take in the entire picture and truly enjoy their day.  We will take care of the rest.
Happy planning,
P.S. Why did they have to plan the Royal Wedding on my birthday? Don't they know these things!? Ah, it's okay, I will just go and take the day for myself. Plus I won't lie, I am a little excited to see what Kate will wear!


Easter Weekend: Freedom

WOW! I love Easter weekend :) It is probably one of the most refreshing times.  As I attended the Easter services on Sunday morning in the gloomy weather, all I could do was sit in awe as the Pacific Amphitheater filled up completely.  Tears filled my eyes knowing they were all there for one reason.
The service was referring to Freedom and it opened with a scene of black walls and workers in a routine, when ONE person came out with a paint can and threw the entire can at the wall and lime green paint splattered it from one end to the other. The act left me emotional knowing this could be our daily lives, filled with passion and freedom, yet we fall into a haggard routine and left unhappy. 
 I encourage you to find that freedom and the joy that keeps your heart in a pure happiness that spreads contagiously.  As we sat through the service and wrapped up with baptisms, it started to mist.  I couldn't help but think it might be God's humor in baptizing us all.  Think what you may, but at least it made me smile.
Don't fall back into that daily routine, find that outlet that gives you the joy you deserve!



Philanthropy Fridays: Simple Smile

I have a huge heart for working with kids and adults with disabilities. I have been a volunteer coach with the Special Olympics for about 4 years now and I cannot get enough of it.

Last Wednesday was the track and field portion of the games. The day started off with the opening ceremony where one representative ran the torch around the entire track while everyone cheered and encouraged Bobby as he ran around with a beaming smile! 
When Bobby finished, the wheelchair races, walks and runs began! 

During one of the running events I met a sweet girl named Taylor. She was so excited to be able to participate and was truly full of life. She would smile and laugh and I could not help but smile too. I spent the majority of the day with her and was amazed by her outlook on life.

I walked away with a greater appreciation of my own life. It put my little complaints and everyday problems in perspective. I think a lot of us lose sight of the many blessings we have each day. The simplicity of walking and speaking are taken for granted each day.
Even though I was volunteering my time, I truly felt that each one of them impacted my life and made me remember to be thankful for every blessing in my life. 

I challenge each of you to never take anything for granted and be thankful for every blessing in your life!

Happy Good Friday,


Wedding Wednesdays

Weddings are one of my favorite things. I love everything about them. Whether its planning a wedding, attending a wedding or hearing about someone elses wedding experience, I cannot get enough of it! 
On April 9 I got to attend one of my longest friends wedding. I have known Her since we were 4 years old and we lived 2 blocks away from each other. When we were younger you could always find us together.. Whether it was selling lemonade or having sleep-overs that turned into campouts in the living room. 
As the groom and guests anxiously wait for her to walk down the aisle, I caught myself experience tons of emotions. I sat there wondering where in the world does time go. It feels like only yesterday that we were kids playing endless games of hide-n-seek! As I look at the groom and see the overwhelming look of happiness and love on his face and I am overcome with joy for my friend. Knowing that she has found someone who loves her and will take care of her for the rest of her life is truly an amazing feeling as a friend who also loves her dearly! 
The wedding took place at a ranch in the mountains of San Diego. It was an absolutely beautiful day filled with happiness and love!
Happy Wedding Wednesday from Rooted in Love!!!


Heart of a Child

The other day I saw the cutest thing, but before I tell the story, here is a little background...

Brittany and I are going to participate in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in September, where we will walk 39 miles in order to raise awareness and money towards a great cause.  One of the ways we are raising money is by selling pink wristbands that say B(r)EA(s)T  CANCER.

To continue with the story... I had a pile of the wristbands sitting out and 7-year-old Ashton asked if he could buy one with his own money to wear around.  He did and that's not even the best part! A few days later I went to his little league baseball game and Ashton's mom noticed something strange about the bottom of his pant leg.  That's when I realized Ashton decided to ear his pink wristband around his ankle and over his the top of his baseball pants all throughout his game.  He later explained to me that he had to wear it like that because he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and it would have been hidden on his wrist... How else would people have seen it?

As I sit here with the news blaring, it's funny to realize you can't turn the TV on without being discouraged by the craziness in the world.  It was refreshing to see the innocence and heart of a child so beautiful because they seem to understand the true importance of life better than we do.

Happy Friday,


Getting Started

Hello everyone! It's time for our fist official post :) Enjoy..

So, over the course of the last few months, Allie & I have been really ramping up our business.  What started as a New Years Resolution has turned into an incredible journey.  We always knew we wanted to get into this business, but had no clue it would happen so fast!  We really must thank all the people who support us and our hard work, it truly does not go unnoticed.

We have been working on six weddings this year to build our portfolio and we are so happy for all these incredible couples.  The first of them only being 5 weeks away, we decided it is time to start getting ourselves ready.  This means investing! Investing in our coordinator garb, walkie talkies and these awesome name tags so everyone can know our place at the wedding.  (I sure hope they are useful).

So as we say goodnight, we will wake up to more planning this weekend... I can say for the both of us in all honesty, we LOVE our jobs!