Wedding Wednesdays: Derek+Kim

This blog is a long time comin' but hey! It's finally here.

The Greene Wedding was great, the couple couldn't have been sweeter and we had a blast coordinating this wedding.  That could be do to the fact that we knew the bride & groom, but none the less, it was fun.
Creativity:  When it comes to having a wedding anywhere, the fun part is always the getting ready aspect.  As the dress arrive early, it has to immediately be hung extremely high (which being an average sized girl make it difficult).  So we got a little crafty and hung the dress from the ceiling tiles inside a High School Room located on the church property.
Style: I am a huge sucker for calla lilies and orchids, and my favorite color is purple so I may be a bit bias.. But how great are these floral arrangements!?! They had some much texture and contrast, they really spoke for themselves.
All said and done: The wedding went down with barely any of a hitch, minus one tiny detail.  That's the beauty of coordinators, we take the blow and make it work no matter what the cost.  My tip from this wedding you ask? Make sure to have detailed routes from one place to another to make sure a vendor does not fall behind since they run the show!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!
~Britt & Allie

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