Philanthropy Fridays: Avon Walk 2011

Well, as most of you may know.. Allie and I are involved in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, which is taking place September 17th & 18th up in Santa Barbara.  We are so excited and really need to get back into training mode.  But more than that, we need to vamp up our fundraising!  We really love to give back and this year the walk is our way of doing so in a big way, with just a little help from our friends and family.
Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Go Country 105 Team
We would love to hear some great ideas on ways to fundraise, or at least get feedback on the ideas we have come up with.  So far we have thought of doing:

-A workout class, either TKB or Body Pump

-Fundraise day with Whole Foods (we get a percentage of sales for people who come in with flyers)

-Cover charge to a dinner party held at one of our homes

-Breast cancer or "Beat Cancer" bracelets

So far we have done one of those and it has been pretty successful.  We are selling our "Beat Cancer" Bracelets and so far so good.  We still have a bit left to sell so if you want one please let us know!

You can check our our Avon pages and see what you think :) Visit them below:
Brittany or Allie

We appreciate any advice, feedback or ideas so let us know at info@rootedinloveweddings.com

Happy Friday (of a 3 day weekend!)

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