Wedding Wednesday: The "Should-Haves"

This Wedding Wednesday is going to go out to the "should haves" from past brides. When planning a wedding the budget and vendor search can be such a hassle that one compromises or doesn't stop to ask a past bride for advice! Here is a little run down for future brides to ease into planning with and think about all their options.

When asking past brides what they would change here are the top 3 items:

1. Wish I would have hired a coordinator
2. Wish I would have had a videographer
3. Wish I'd have spent less on flowers to afford the top two items

Reality is, many people believe thy can plan a wedding themselves, but even a fellow coordinator wouldn't want to hand the task of their own wedding. This is an event that is once in a lifetime that you should enjoy and not work for! Secondly you should not designate all the work to close family and friends because odds are they are going to wish they could have enjoyed this time also!
Allie and I at our last wedding during a moment to breathe!
Videography is the one vendor many people look past because they believe pictures will do justice. Quite frankly the opposite, video can grab the moments that you wish to replay or even moments you never saw! Our friends at 618 Studios www.618stidios.net capture a wedding so amazingly that it never fails to bring me to tears! I honestly didn't have video and it's my number one regret.
Husband & Wife Videographers = super cute!
Weddings are my favorite event, that may be obvious since I'm a wedding planner, but that means I care for how they turn out, but more so for how the bride and groom will look back on their special day.

Mention this advice to any bride-to-be's! And have a very happy Wedding Wednesday!!

-Brittany & a shout out to Kelley Gilster, from 618 Studios, as our twitter convo is what sparked this blog post :)

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