Wedding Wednesdays: Brittany+Kiel

Hello Friends!!!
This past weekend was a good one for Rooted in Love.  We got to coordinate Brittany & Kiel Peterson's wedding! Not only is Brittany a good friend of mine (this Britt) but now we have the same name!! We actually remember talking about this possibility about 4 years ago and it's so great to be able to say it is now a reality. It was awesome receiving all this confused looks when guests would read my name tag and have the look of "why are you wearing the bride's married name?"  Besides all of that, Brittany is the most detailed bride we have had and she got so amazing with all her details! I named her DIY Bride of 2011 :)

The setup went so unbelievable well that we actually had moments of rest before the wedding started, which never happens!  I have so many pictures of the details to share that I'm bursting with joy!

The great thing about Leo Carrillo Ranch is it's canvas like quality.  Everything is there to create something extremely beautiful and this bride took full advantage.  From chandeliers at the ceremony site to making the cabana fireplace feel like home, this wedding did not have a detail left out.  
The other random fact about Leo Carrillo is the Peacocks! Yes, free roaming Peacocks... just over 40 of them.  They squawked their way through the intimate ceremony, crowded the dessert table and owned the night! At first they are cute.. and second thought they are obnoxious! Very pretty birds but loud birds and these ones did not mind humans.

Congratulations to Brittany and Kiel! They are great people and I could not be more blessed that to have been involved in their wedding the way I was!

There will be more pictures to come! And possibly even video since we got a ton of that at the wedding :) Let's consider this a sneak preview!


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