Easter Weekend: Freedom

WOW! I love Easter weekend :) It is probably one of the most refreshing times.  As I attended the Easter services on Sunday morning in the gloomy weather, all I could do was sit in awe as the Pacific Amphitheater filled up completely.  Tears filled my eyes knowing they were all there for one reason.
The service was referring to Freedom and it opened with a scene of black walls and workers in a routine, when ONE person came out with a paint can and threw the entire can at the wall and lime green paint splattered it from one end to the other. The act left me emotional knowing this could be our daily lives, filled with passion and freedom, yet we fall into a haggard routine and left unhappy. 
 I encourage you to find that freedom and the joy that keeps your heart in a pure happiness that spreads contagiously.  As we sat through the service and wrapped up with baptisms, it started to mist.  I couldn't help but think it might be God's humor in baptizing us all.  Think what you may, but at least it made me smile.
Don't fall back into that daily routine, find that outlet that gives you the joy you deserve!


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