Why Hire a Coordinator?

I came upon the thought of luxurious weddings, thanks to The Royal Wedding.  As I read through the 28 page program I thought to myself, who has the time to do this and why does it have to be so lengthy?! Obviously they have a wedding planner, and by no means was it a stretch to have in their budget, but whether it's Kate Middleton's wedding or any other bride, having someone to take on the work load can be an amazing choice.
When you think of a wedding planner, what are your first thoughts honestly?
A luxury item, I'm not made of money, Jennifer Lopez, an expense you can live without because you can try to be organized for once?!
Well ladies & men, although in the history books, a wedding coordinator was a job that only the prestigious used, now-a-days it's a necessity!  And no, I am not saying all of this because I am one, but it's something I truly believe.  If I didn't stand behind it, do you think I would be doing what I do now?  I used to be the Bride that thought my OCD and organizational skills could handle the details of my own wedding planning, but I had to face the fact, on the wake of my own wedding, that it wasn't the job for me, as a bride! 
Think about it this way, when you hire someone to do something that they do on a daily basis, many common mistakes are avoided! Not only that, but most of the time, the cost it is to hire a coordinator is money that will end up being saved through their contacts, negotiations and budget calculations that they assist with.  In addition, the many hours they spend working on the wedding alone, that you can now use to enjoy, should be worth it all together!
We, at Rooted in Love, have started this endeavor to help out any type of Bride with any type of budget so they can let their ideas come to life without the stress that it can so easily bring.  A coordinator takes on so much background work that can easily go unnoticed and we don't mind! We make a toast to the most important day of someone's life, that they don't worry about the small things, but they can take in the entire picture and truly enjoy their day.  We will take care of the rest.
Happy planning,
P.S. Why did they have to plan the Royal Wedding on my birthday? Don't they know these things!? Ah, it's okay, I will just go and take the day for myself. Plus I won't lie, I am a little excited to see what Kate will wear!

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