Philanthropy Fridays: 31 Bits

One of the companies that is near and dear to my heart is 31 Bits.  Many of you who are reading this probably know of it because I literally wear a piece of this jewelry daily.  I went to college with the 5 girls that started this company and my explanation of what they have created wouldn't do justice to their website. [www.31bits.com]  I encourage you to check them out, read their story, follow their blog and if you like them, buy some Bits! (I actually have a bunch with me now, so e-mail me if you want some).
Who ever could have thought jewelry made from 100% recycled paper would be so awesome? Here's to creative people, who care for others :)
 They just came out with a new line featuring Promise Tangeman (what a cool name right)? She is also an amazing blogger and designer!  This line stands for everything that the 31 Bits girls have created for the women they help. Watch & fall in love... The Haven Launch
Trying to find out a way to be philanthropic on your wedding day? Have your girl wears some bits, hand them out as thank you gifts to your party or don some bits yourself and steal the show even more with your incredible style!
Happy Friday as always,
And by the way.. It's my birthday today, who wants to buy me some bits? ;) The new Cuff bracelets are my fave!

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