Heart of a Child

The other day I saw the cutest thing, but before I tell the story, here is a little background...

Brittany and I are going to participate in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in September, where we will walk 39 miles in order to raise awareness and money towards a great cause.  One of the ways we are raising money is by selling pink wristbands that say B(r)EA(s)T  CANCER.

To continue with the story... I had a pile of the wristbands sitting out and 7-year-old Ashton asked if he could buy one with his own money to wear around.  He did and that's not even the best part! A few days later I went to his little league baseball game and Ashton's mom noticed something strange about the bottom of his pant leg.  That's when I realized Ashton decided to ear his pink wristband around his ankle and over his the top of his baseball pants all throughout his game.  He later explained to me that he had to wear it like that because he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and it would have been hidden on his wrist... How else would people have seen it?

As I sit here with the news blaring, it's funny to realize you can't turn the TV on without being discouraged by the craziness in the world.  It was refreshing to see the innocence and heart of a child so beautiful because they seem to understand the true importance of life better than we do.

Happy Friday,

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